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3-Day Intensive Couples Counselling

On the brink of separation or divorce?
Think you need a lot of help?


Trapped in bitter arguing?
Reeling after infidelity?

Couples desperate for meaningful change in their relationship choose a 3-Day Intensive Couples Counselling experience. Sometimes they are on the verge of separation and/or divorce. Couples suffering the ravages of an affair (even when the affair was some time ago) benefit from a 3-Day Intensive Couples Counselling experience.

Three Days of Intensive Couples Counselling: Just For You

Couple with counsellorThe 3-Day Intensive Couples Counselling experience is space set apart for you over the course of three consecutive days, to focus exclusively on the challenges of your relationship. You’ll have the personalized attention and expertise of a skilled couple’s therapist to help you.

What are the Benefits of 3-Day Intensive Couples Counselling?

My wife and I are doing very well and were just talking about our time with you at the 3-Day Intensive earlier this year. My wife recalled it as one of her highlights of 2012. I can say the same!

–Intensive participant from Ohio

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You’ll begin an Intensive couples counselling feeling wounded and helpless…and emerge with renewed hope.

contact usThe structure and safety of an Intensive helps you move through some of the overwhelming distress and immediate crisis. And you’ll step back to take a big picture look at your relationship.

You’ll depart understanding how your relationship got to be where it is today. Most couples leave a 3-day Intensive Couples Counselling experience with a direction and a focus for moving forward.

3-Day Intensive Couples Counselling: Not a Group Program

The 3-Day Intensive Couples Counselling is not a group program. You, your partner, and the Couples In Step therapist, Irene Oudyk-Suk, are the only ones present.

We Need More Information

Of course, you do. Deciding to attend a 3-Day Intensive Couples Counselling experience is a big decision.

Naturally, you have questions ranging from practical details such as scheduling, cost, insurance coverage to questions such as “Is this right for us given our specific circumstances?”

You’ll find an Intensive FAQ page here and available dates here.


For more information or to schedule an Intensive call Couples In Step at 416-459-0956, or email Couples In Step.

Couples In Step provides 3 Day Intensive marriage & relationship counselling to couples in crisis living in Ontario: Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, London, Hamilton, Windsor.

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