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Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreats

I know! You just can’t! imagine! working on your relationship in a group setting.
Thousands of couples across the world have. Here in Toronto more than 200 couples have done so through the Hold Me Tight® Retreats hosted by Couples In Step.

Couples retreats are cost effective and quick.
Great for rekindling romance
and this particular retreat works wonders for distressed relationships too!


Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreats at Couples In Step

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The feedback I get, again and again, is “This was so worth it for us.” Often this is from a partner who wasn’t keen on going.

I’ve been delighted to lead Hold Me Tight® Retreats since 2012. »Learn More about Irene Oudyk-Suk

Irene, Couples In Step therapist, at the November, 2013 Hold Me Tight Retreat. (photo credit: Robin Blake)

Irene, Couples In Step therapist, at the November 2013 Hold Me Tight Retreat (photo: R. Blake)

Couples come to a retreat at different stages in their relationship.

Most are committed and looking to deepen and/or rekindle their relationship whether they are at the beginning of their relationship, ten years in, or many years in. A few couples come uncertain about the future of their relationship. Some come wondering if their relationship could benefit from the deeper work of couple’s therapy.

I’ve discovered that Hold Me Tight® couples retreats help couples with virtually every concern, and whatever place they are at in their relationship. Kind of amazing, and certainly not what I expected when I started doing these retreats, but that’s what I (and my colleagues across North America) have found!

Folks are sometimes anxious about the group nature of Hold Me Tight® Couples retreats. Please know that there is a lot of private couple time and that you are not required to be an active participant in the larger group times. The larger group is mainly for me to provide instruction that you then apply to your relationship in the private couple time. You can learn a lot more about the structure of a Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreat on the retreats FAQ’s page.

Real Couples: What a Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreat Meant to Them


Who Developed the Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreats?

Sue Johnson is the developer/author of Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreats. Sue is one of North America’s leading clinicians and researcher of adult relationship distress. Her pioneering work has changed how therapists understand adult love and how they help couples reshape their relationships into resilient and lasting adult love relationships.


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Couples In Step provides Hold Me Tight® couples retreats to couples wanting to deepen their connection. The retreats are held in Toronto, Ontario and draw registrants from many places including New York, Ohio, Michigan, Alberta, and Manitoba. In Ontario, couples come from places such as Toronto, GTA, the Greater Toronto area, Hamilton, Windsor, London, Thunderbay, Sudbury, Kingston, Ottawa, Waterloo, Mississauga, Brampton, New Market and other places in between. Couples living in Montreal, Quebec have also been interested in Couples In Step retreats.

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