5. How is the retreat structured?

The retreat moves back and forth between

  • presentations to the larger group by Irene to the group as a whole
  • private couple discussion times about the large group presentation
  • During the group presentation you’ll learn how to examine your own couple interactions for effective and less effective patterns of interaction. You’ll watch video clips of couples sharing about their relationship patterns. You’ll actually observe these couples working through their stuck points (these are real couples, not actors!). You’ll hear how to positively harness the recent discoveries in neuroscience that can help all of us better appreciate what goes wrong and right in adult love relationships.

    After the group presentation, you’ll go to your own couple station and apply what you’ve just seen and heard to yourselves and to your relationship. The couple station is for just you and your partner. You will not be in a small group with other couples. The couple stations are all in the same room. There is some distance between each couple station. Irene will also be playing background music during the couple station times. Couples worry at the outset about their privacy. This worry evaporates about 5 minutes after the first couple station time has begun!

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