1. Retreat? Intensive? What’s best for us? What’s the difference?

  • A Hold Me Tight couples and marriage Retreat is for a number of couples with both group and private couple time (no requirement to share in the larger group).
  • A 3-Day Intensive is just for you, your partner, and a therapist. »Learn more about a 3-Day Intensive

Here’s some more about the couples who come to a Hold Me Tight Retreat:

  • Couples range from being together a few months to many years
  • Some couples are in their first relationship, some in their second or third
  • Most are committed and looking to deepen, enrich, and/or repair their relationship
  • Many come wanting to re-ignite the closeness they once had
  • Others come quite uncertain about the future of their relationship
  • Some come wondering if their relationship could benefit from the deeper work of couple’s therapy
  • Some are therapists wanting to learn more about Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • For some a Hold Me Tight Retreat is part of their couple’s therapy

If your relationship is in crisis (such as the recent disclosure of infidelity or an active addiction present in one or both partners) then a Marriage or Couple’s Intensive is recommended.

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