15. Is there follow-up after an Intensive?

While couples make a lot of progress during the 3-Day Intensive, most couples still require regular follow-up sessions (weekly to bi-weekly) after the Intensive to consolidate the 3-Day Intensive gains. So, when you book the 3-Day Intensive, begin considering how you will do follow-up counselling.

If you live near near the Couples In Step North York, Toronto location you may be able to arrange face-to-face counseling sessions there.

Follow up sessions are also available at Couples In Step via on-line video conferencing interspersed with a face-to-face 3 hour session every 2 – 4 months. On line video conferencing is an accessible and low cost way to access distance counselling.

I may be able to arrange follow up counseling for you with a (EFT trained) therapist in your area.

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