11. What is your cancellation policy?

  • The initial $928 payment is both a screening and a reservation fee.
  • You and your partner have 5 days to complete the 3-Day Intensive intake form (which you’ll receive upon receipt of the reservation fee)
  • If your two intakes are not returned within 5 days, Couples In Step considers that as an indication you are no longer interested in attending the 3-Day Intensive. You will receive your reservation/screening fee back minus $464.
  • Once Couples In Step receives your completed intakes the reservation/screening fee is non-refundable.
  • After the intake and screening call Couples In Step will send you a packet of inventories for you each to complete along with a request for a second payment of $1624.
  • Should Couples In Step not receive the 2nd payment ($1624) along with the completed inventories by the date requested Couples In Step considers that as an indication you are cancelling the Intensive.
  • If after the intake review, screening phone calls, and inventories review Couples In Step decides that an intensive is contra-indicated you will receive your 2nd payment of $1392 back. If at this time you decide you wish to withdraw from the intensive you will receive the second payment ($1392) back but not the $928 reservation fee.
  • Should you decide at some point during the 3-Day Intensive that you wish to terminate, you will be asked to pay for the hours of the 3-Day Intensive that you have attended, plus a $600 termination fee.

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