7. What if I arrive and find I know other people who are attending the retreat?

Discovering someone there that you already know will no doubt feel awkward.

Here’s how I address that: at the beginning of the retreat I will speak to how there are a variety of couples present: couples in strong relationships seeking to strengthen their relationship, therapists wanting to learn about EFT in a very first hand way, as well as couples in distress. You do not have to share which group/s you are in!

I will be clear that folks refrain from mentioning who else was at the retreat with them. You are of course free to tell others that you attended.

I also set the stage by letting the entire group know that couples are free to socialize, or not, with each other during breaks and the like.

Previous participants have noted how pleased they were with how I’ve managed confidentiality.

There was a very good balance between instruction and time for us to practice what we were learning. I also felt you were very respectful of privacy and people’s sensitivities.

–retreat participant, 2012

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