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Links to EFT Colleagues

Links to EFT Couple Therapist Colleagues

As I have continued to build my couple’s therapy skills, I have been privileged to interact with others all over the world who echo my commitment to become excellent couple’s therapists. The list below represents just a few of those connections. Check out these websites to learn how other couple’s counsellors describe their services. Along the way you’ll notice that many of these fine therapists also do Hold Me Tight couples retreats. Perhaps you’ll want to attend a retreat in another part of the world!























    • Matthias Angelstorf, M.S., Paartherapie und Psychotherapie Berlin und Hamburg, Griebenowstr. 10-11, 10435 Berlin, 0176 444 95 200 Berlin marriage counselling


    • Isa Sadighpur, Psychotherapie, Paartherapie und Paarberatung Berlin, Neustädtische Kirchstr. 7, 10117 Berlin, 0157 7 38 78 888, Berlin marriage counselling




United States (alphabetically by state and city)







































    • Oregon Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy, 5410 SW Macadam Ave, Suite 230, Portland, OR 97239, 503-719-6519 Oregon marriage counselling










New Zealand


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