Couples in Step Counselling

Want to Improve Your Marriage Relationship?

Couples In Step serves couples from all over Ontario (Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo, London, Thunderbay and Sudbury) with 3-Day couple counselling Intensives as well as couples retreats.

Retreat? Intensive? Click here for the difference

3-Day Counselling Intensive

Is your relationship in crisis?
Attend, with your partner, the 3-Day Intensive
couple’s counselling experience.

Weekend Retreat

Looking for deeper connection?
The Couples Retreat weekend is exactly
what you are looking for!
“Want to Improve Your Marriage Relationship?” “Want to Improve Your Marriage Relationship?”
  • No time for regular counselling?
  • Reeling from infidelity?
  • Desperate for some kind of change
    in your relationship?
  • In a crisis?
  • Trapped in endless arguing?
  • On the brink of separation/divorce?

A personalized and private 3-Day Intensive
couple’s counselling experience has helped many

  • Relationship need renewing?
  • Want practical communication strategies?
  • Need time for intentional focus on your marriage?
  • Ignored your relationship for too long?
  • Want to reconnect after a major life change?

Join with other couples (individuals welcome) who want to strengthen and revitalize their couple or marriage relationship with a weekend couples retreat

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3-Day Intensive? Retreat? Is There a Difference

YES! There is a difference.

The 3-Day Intensive is couple’s counselling or therapy. The 3-Day Intensive is not a group program. You, your partner, and the Couples In Step therapist, Irene Oudyk-Suk, are the only ones involved. The 3-Day Intensives are for couples who feel significantly distressed in their relationship. Not infrequently couples who attend an intensive are considering separation and/or divorce. In Ontario, the 3-Day Intensive may be submitted to your extended health plan for coverage under your counselling benefit.

Between 8-15 couples attend a retreat. Couples retreats are psycho-educational. There are large group times and private couple conversations. Marriage Retreats are for couples seeking to strengthen their relationship. A Couples Retreat can be helpful for couples whose relationships are significantly unhappy; however when separation and/or divorce is under serious consideration or when there has been a recent disclosure of infidelity a couple’s retreat is not recommended. Whether your extended health benefit will cover the costs of the couples retreat is uncertain. Some insurance companies have covered the cost of the retreat; others have not.

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The 3-Day Intensives are described here and weekend couples retreats information is here. Alternatively you can contact Couples In Step or call 416-459-0956 for more information.

Couples In Step provides 3-Day Intensive couple and marriage & relationship counseling to couples in crisis living in Ontario: Toronto, GTA, the Greater Toronto area, Hamilton, Windsor, London, Thunderbay, Kingston, Ottawa. Couples In Step also provides weekend couples marriage and workshop retreats to couples in Ontario (Toronto, Ottawa, London, Hamilton, Windsor, Waterloo, Thunderbay) wanting to deepen their marriage and couple relationship.